Commonwealth Writers of the Bahamas

            The sessions were very interesting in that, the children did a number of activities including: writing their own stories, working on their weak areas in writing, and increasing their vocabulary while having fun. The times of the program were July 18th- 21st. The participants also got a certificate and also refreshments were served daily. There were 12 students who entered the writers’ workshop, each of which received a certificate.

            The second phase was put in place for students in three categories: primary, junior and senior. Each group was required to read over 25 books. Some of the books were identified while others could come from other sources. The basic requirements for the entry were that they become a member of the library and they were required to submit a book report for each book read. It was for the entire month of July 2016. The winner for each category will be presented with a tablet. The participants also receive a certificate. There were 28 students who entered the reading competition.

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