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pc10元小群National Library and Information Services is committed to providing access to quality resources to persons enrolled in the library cadet programme.

The following are some helpful documents in PDF (Portable Document Format). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader Installed, a free download is available 

Establishing A Library Module 1
This is Part 1 of the series - Establishing A Library. Some of the fundamentals of library practice are discussed here.
Establishing A Library Module 2
Ever wanted to know how you can start and run your own library? Here's how. This is part 2 of the series.
Personal Computer Basics
This course teaches you all you want to know about personal computers.
The Development of Libraries
Introduces you to the establishments of early libraries in the world and especially in The Bahamas.
Internet Basics
The world of Internet is vast and dauting. This course simplifies the terms, vocabulary and increases your understanding of several areas pertaining to Internet and the World Wide Web.
Searching Over Internet
To find anything in sea you need a net. To search Internet, you need search engines and the knowledge on how to perform search effectively using various search engines.

This course introduces you to these topics.
Library Basics Workbook
A printable copy of the workbook is available for download here. You can practice the exercises here to gain profound insight into libraries, their working, rules and regulations.

Links to Resources on the Web.

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Starting a Library from scratch

PDF Version of the same is Here




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